Benefits for Applicants

Immutable document

Each document generated comes with a uniquely identifiable QR code. Our verification platform identifies only QR codes generated by our platform and any other QR code that does not match our unique signature or the blockchained document id is not validated by our platform. Additionally, if someone tries to create a fake document by using the QR code from a valid certificate, it can be easily caught during the verification process.

mobile ready

Ease of identifying an original document from a fake document by scanning the QR code is now made easy through our dedicated multi-functional mobile app.

document copies

Simple and sequential process to help create pre-registration document quickly and easily by the citizens, thereby reducing dependency on document writers, offering direct citizen to Government interaction. Reganto also allows to request for a copy of pre-registered and registered documents in case of any document being misplaced.


Reganto allows citizens to receive periodic notifications from the platform in case of an update or change in the status of the registration process. All transactions performed on Reganto platform will be available as receipts for citizen viewing.


The platform enables resubmitting the application by making minor changes and using the existing data available on Reganto platform. Citizens have the ability to modify and resubmit a pre-registered document that has been rejected earlier and also track status online.


Option of getting the pre-registered document printed on smart-paper which is eco-friendly, has long shelf life, is water-proof, and has higher tear resistance.