Benefits of Digital Vault


Reganto is built on the world’s most advanced cloud systems leveraging the best of Microsoft Azure. The architecture is underpinned by one of the world’s first production-grade private Blockchain – making the platform the most secure and robust system currently available. Each financial document generated by your organisation is stored on blockchain providing unique ownership of authentic employee data back to them available anytime and anywhere.

Fully Scalable

Reganto offers flexible functionality allowing you to choose the features that work best for your business. Our system can be configured to your requirements and altered at any time. It can be implemented across any country for companies of any size, especially for large multi-national organisations with more than 5,000 employee headcounts.

Historic pay data

A unique, interactive dashboard offer employees the access to their historic pay data including payslips, pension statements and P60s, spanning over their entire career, all in one place.


Reganto integrates seamlessly with your current payroll software with a simple, easy-to-setup process. Our system can be configured to your requirements and altered at any time. 

pay manager

Payroll managers will be able to see real time statistics and information about their payrolls – informing them of how many payrolls have been processed, payslips generated, etc.


Stay in touch with your employees from anywhere in the world through our company communications functionality and provide them support through our built-in helpdesk.