Benefits Achieved from Financial wellbeing Solution

Unique Data Visualisation

Our platform helps your employees be more informed about their finances allowing them to view all their financial earnings, spanning their entire career at one place. Reganto gives access to everything you need to know about your financial data. Whether you would want to see just your net pay, or view more details, our unique employee dashboard gives a simple, comprehensive view of your data whilst also making it easy for you to delve into the details of your payslip, where required. Your pay is displayed in a clear and easy to understand format without the jargon.

Financial Guides

Get access to Online materials like financial planning guides, financial presentations and useful links around explaining general financial wellbeing, tax efficient investments, mortgages, loans, pensions etc.

Holistic Financial Planning ​

Gain access to informative videos, workshops & webinars, financial presentations and financial guides that helps them improve their overall financial wellbeing. Right from early career financial planning through to mid-career and planning for retirement, Reganto has plenty of information made available for employees to help them make most of their income.

Financial Education

Our partners support your employees by organising financial education seminars to make them understand important issues around basic money management, how they spend money on key items such as household bills, insurance, mortgages, how different types of loans can work etc. They also provide financial guides and videos that explain about personal budgeting, savings, debt management, investments, pensions, understanding tax and more – allowing your people to tackle their personal finances in the same way a personal trainer encourages their clients to hit their physical goals.

Transforming Businesses

Offering financial education is an important part of securing financial wellbeing. Employers who recognise this and who support staff with the many and complex financial choices they now face will benefit from more financially secure staff who make well-informed decisions and who, therefore, will be more engaged, happier and more productive at work. Comprehensive, ongoing financial education is a powerful force for positive change. Effective financial education focuses on what works and produces strong outcomes. Reganto helps employers acheive this and more.

Increase Revenues

The Solution will guarantee up to a 10% increase in productivity and a happier workforce resulting in increased revenues. With an investment only 0.1% of the total cost of employment, Reganto offers a compelling x100 return in value across your whole organisation through time savings, increased productivity, a happier informed workforce engaged with company goals, which ultimately all effect the bottom line as true profit.