Benefits for Universities


Provide cloud platform services Store the university/institute generated certificates for students on a secured and purpose-built private blockchain.

  • Cutting edge technology providing private channels to manage your own data and only sharing data you wish to
  • Security
  • Totally immutable data that cannot be altered
  • Providing complete trust in your data as it only comes from your institution

Immutable Document

Each certificate generated comes with a uniquely identifiable QR code. Our verification platform identifies only QR codes generated by our platform and any other QR code that does not match our unique signature or the blockchained certificate id is not validated by our platform. Additionally, if someone tries to create a fake certificate by using the QR code from a valid certificate, it can be easily caught during the verification process.

Secure Printing

The digital certificates generated can be sent to a secure location for printing the physical copies. When data is pushed/pumped into the system, Reganto for Universities generates them as per the customized template which can be downloaded as a pdf document either alone or all the certificates for which data has been processed.

Smart Paper

Smart degree certificates with marksheets that use special synthetic paper for printing, which are non-tearable and waterproof and eco-friendly along with a uniquely designed QR codification of them is beginning to change the look and usability of these lifetime assets to students.

Print History

Keeping track of the historical certificates sent for printing purpose is very easy with Reganto for Universities. A simple yet smart feature allows you to keep track of all the certificates that were downloaded and sent for printing.


Blockchain based storage, verification and retrieval of certificates can be done through secure mobile and web applications. It is extremely easy for students to have their  certificates/mark sheets, distinctions and awards gained across all higher educational studies verified for prospective employers.