Reganto’s Covid-19 Passports – A Breakthrough In The Fight Against The Pandemic.

Reganto’s Covid-19 Passports – A Breakthrough In The Fight Against The Pandemic.

Vaccine passports usually refer to a certificate or a document that certify a person is not likely to catch or spread a disease. These certificates can be paper based or digital. They also make sure that the holder has either been vaccinated or tested negative or has recovered from a virus such as the novel coronavirus. This will help governments to relax some pandemic induced restrictions thereby allowing people to travel, attend events or concerts, safely return to work and more.

Enabling a person to prove they have safely and securely been vaccinated against Coronavirus (COVID-19) by an authorised Governing Health Body who can instantaneously provide a valid proof of vaccination through a digital app and platform to the citizen may soon become the easiest and most effective way to combat the pandemic.

With Reganto’s Coronavirus digital vaccination passport, citizens can now carry a digital, verifiable certificate that can be shared anywhere, anytime through their smartphone as a proof that they have received Covid-19 vaccination.

Reganto works for both citizens and hospitals/clinics. Citizens receive their vaccination passports within minutes of arriving at the hospital or clinics by simply downloading the mobile app, which provides access to the certificate and other information. Vaccination Centres, Hospitals & Clinics have access to our transformational blockchain platform to complete the registration process in record time with no error. It helps the authorising Health Bodies by allowing access to digital vaccination certificates as immutable proof of citizens being vaccinated.

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