Helping Higher Education Institutions Combat Fake Certificate Menace

Universities are places of vibrant knowledge hubs and incubators of latest technologies. We would assume such places adopt what they recognize as true technological advances, but unfortunately, historical data indicates a slow adoption of these technological and digital innovations by a large percentage of the universities worldwide. This has led to continued increases in costs and decreased efficiencies translating to an ever-increasing educational cost for students.

Lack of technology adoption and increasing diversity of the students from around the world makes it difficult for universities to try and attract global talent for various programs without validating the academic credentials of the incoming student. The problem is further aggravated due to the diploma mills which create genuine looking certificates or create fake universities. Universities (and potential employers of the students) spend a huge amount time and effort in trying to verify such student credentials.

Some of those in the fake racket business set up genuine looking helplines for verification purposes for a fraction of the cost and effort it takes to get a genuine degree. In some countries this has turned into a billion-dollar per annum industry. 

Universities which fall behind in embracing the latest tools and technologies have shown to have lower efficiency and lack of empowering their students who are becoming a global traveller. This may impact the Institution with a fall in reputation that could have a spiralling effect on rankings, endowments, admissions income etc. – the very basis of how such Institutions are being measured and rewarded on. Potential employers may go as far as blacklisting Universities because of the possible lack of trust worthiness in the certifications provided.

Imagine a solution that can diversify and decentralize data, creating a new paradigm in storing and retrieving reliable data like degree certificates that are completely trustworthy – “proofing” the whole learning and reputation of the university’s certification!

Using Blockchain technology, it is now possible to record the certificates in a linked chain structure. Earlier, verification of the authenticity of certificates produced by the candidates for admissions, jobs, loans etc. was a challenge. The genuineness of the certificate with the concerned universities or boards had to be thoroughly checked, and therefore the verification process required considerable effort and processing time.

With a platform like Reganto, the need for a third-party verification can be eliminated and certificates or student credentials can be instantaneously verified. Reganto is a technologically advanced, private blockchain platform that provides immutable, hack-proof certificates with a unique QR code that can be verified by using our mobile/web app from anywhere in the world. Students can access their certifications for life from a private cloud service that the university controls. Our platform provides end to end solution to create, secure and distribute digital certificates.

To know more about how our product can help you eliminate the fake certificate menace permanently, contact us.

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