Reganto – An end-to-end document management and verification platform

Many universities are falling prey to the fake certificate industry which is globally a $1 billion problem. Each fake certificate stops a genuine candidate from getting a decent opportunity. Universities have lost their reputation for no mistake of theirs just because these fake certificate mills are able to re-create university academic certificates with minimal cost and alarming accuracy.

Reganto hopes to solve the problem of document fraud across multiple industry verticals, key among these being HR and education. Reganto enables certificate issuing bodies to issue fraud proof documents. It uses a patent pending private block chain network to secure documents and certificates which can be verified using a mobile app.

Traditionally certificate security is encapsulated into the paper on which it is printed. With the advancement in technology, this approach is now proving ineffective. Because what once required a high-tech printing press can now be done by college dropouts sitting in a garage using Photoshop. So, our aim is to shift the focus from the paper to the actual data. Using our platform, institutions can secure their data and encapsulate it into a small QR code that can even be printed on a regular A4 paper and still be several times more secure than a security printed document.

At Reganto we believe we can solve the problem of fraud certificates once and for all using the latest advancement in block chain technology. Where we are different from other providers is that we do not depend on external public block chains that can be easily doped. We run our own private blockchain.

There is an unsaid upside to this – ability for universities to verify certificates without doing anything and earn revenues from the same.

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