How it Works – Applicants


Land deed registries are paper based in many countries. The reliability and accuracy of paper-based land documents always raise a question of security. In several instances, reports have been that land record administrators have been unlawful in illegal seizure of land.

Inaccuracies in documentation can always lead lawful property-owners into severe problems where they can be forced to protect their assets from illegal and unlawful occupation. In such cases, proving the rightful ownership of the property can turn out to be a difficult task.

The key challenge is that there is no end-to-end effective land records management system available till date.

Solution Overview

Simple and sequential process to help create pre-registration document quickly and easily by the citizens, thereby reducing dependency on document writers. Direct citizen to Government interaction.

Ability to modify and resubmit a pre-registered document that has been rejected earlier.

Pre-registered and registered documents are stored on blockchain. Eliminates the ability to create fraudulent documents. View and download pre-registered and registered documents.

Ability to request for a copy of pre-registered and registered documents in case of any document being misplaced. Track registration status online. Easy to identify an original document from a fake document by scanning the QR code. Notifications in case of an update/change in the status of the registration process.

Option of getting the pre-registered document printed on smart-paper which is eco-friendly, has long shelf life, is water-proof, and has higher tear resistance.

How it Works​

Reganto is a property registration platform and is built on top of our patent pending software. Our offering is one of its kind with immutable document storage, retrieval, and verification. It is an innovative document verification platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to verify a land deed or a property document with accuracy. Our solution eliminates the ability for fraudsters to create multiple copies of forged documents that can be sold to another party.

A system that not only accelerates the process of land registration, but also makes it easier for buyers, sellers, and Government sub-Registrars to transfer the land ownership from seller to a new buyer. Distributed system that stores all the transactions using cutting edge Blockchain technology

Online system that removes the intermediaries like property dealers. Online system makes the process of land registration resilient and reduces the chances of fraud in the process. All transactions performed on Reganto platform will be available as receipts for citizen viewing.

Every step from document submission from Citizen to staff, Staff approval or rejection, Sub-Registrar approval or rejection is recorded and available for Citizen to view

Capability of resubmitting the application by making minor changes and using the existing data available on Reganto platform.