How it Works – Registry Office

How it works

One of the biggest challenges that grips the world is the issue of land and property ownership.

The issue of land ownership is so critical. For example, almost all financial institutions heavily depend on the ownership of the Land-based properties for collateral security. With uncertainties around the ownership claims, it becomes incredibly valuable to have this robust solution in place for the financial institutions to function correctly across the nation.

Registry offices are struggling to come to grips with fraudulent documents and career fraudsters. This is especially evident in semi-urban and urban areas. It is reported that the cost of property registration fraud on national governments runs into tens of millions of dollars annually.

At Reganto, we realised that the power of blockchain technology can address the plague that is property registration fraud. We came up with a solution that allows governments to use existing processes and infrastructure but fortify the process of creating and signing the documents themselves. Presenting Reganto.

Solution Overview

Simple and sequential process to help create pre-registration document quickly and easily by the citizens, thereby reducing dependency on document writers. Direct applicant to Government interaction.

Easy to verify the pre-registered and supporting documents. With ability to reject pre-registered or supporting documents in case of any errors. Officer can provide appropriate comments as well to aid the citizen.

Access pre-registered and registered documents with ease. And also upload registered document for sub-registrar’s perusal post verification of documents.

Access pre-registered and supporting documents with ease. With an ability to approve the registered document for storing on blockchain.

Comparative view to check for any possible deviations between the pre-registered document and the registered document. Robust workflows to reject documents uploaded by the officer in case of any deviations between the pre-registered document and its corresponding registered document.

How it Works​

Reganto is a property registration platform and is built on top of our patent pending software. Our offering is one of its kind with immutable document storage, retrieval, and verification. It is an innovative document verification platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to verify a land deed or a property document with accuracy. Our solution eliminates the ability for fraudsters to create multiple copies of forged documents that can be sold to another party.

Using DL Technologies –

For property registration documents issued on a blockchain, verification can be done instantaneously, and the records cannot be tampered with as changes to individual blocks can be made only be by the channel user sharing the information. Reganto for property registration delivers this providing huge transparency and security to the whole system.