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How it Works


Have you ever wondered why it should take 2 weeks to get a copy of your certificate? Your certificate? We have. And we realised that the problem is in how the certificates are created and distributed. 

Also, to carry certificates along with you to interviews, to banks, etc. exposes you to theft and fraud. This is an especially big problem for students travelling abroad. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you can flick your phone out and show your education credentials to those asking? Well, with Reganto, that is now possible. 

Solutions Overview​

With the advent of Blockchain technology that allows Universities to securely create and distribute certificates, we can now provide students with access to “Instant Certificates”.

Students can now carry their certificates with them in the form of secure blockchain based QR codes. This, with the convenience of a slick mobile app.

Reganto allows students to stay in touch with their colleges and universities through intuitive messaging, calendar and alumni functionality.

How it Works​

Reganto is a complete University document management platform which allows you to upload, generate, store, and retrieve your documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. Your documents would be hosted on our patent pending private blockchain network which provides absolute data security, privacy, and accuracy.

Using Hyperledger  –

For digital certificates issued on a blockchain, verification can be done instantaneously, and the records cannot be tampered with as changes to individual blocks can be made only be by the channel user sharing the information. Reganto for universities delivers this providing huge transparency and security to the whole system. Reganto for academic records can transform and improve the whole record of credibility right to the core using immutable, encrypted ledger technologies.