Platform – Trust & Security

Reganto Platform delivers unparalleled security and automation to build the next generation solutions using blockchain, machine learning and natural language
Private, permissioned Blockchain - the future.

Security & Availability

Reganto is built with the security of your data at the heart. We value data privacy and security so much that we built an end-to-end solution on the cloud with data encrypted at rest and in transit.

End To End


Reganto is encrypted from data at rest to data in transit. Using our patent-pending Blockchain technology, we are able to ensure the best security for your data.



Built on the cloud, for the cloud. Reganto is totally cloud-native with an end-to-end automated delivery pipeline that ensures 99.99% up-time.



Reganto can scale vertically and horizontally on need due to the underlying micro-service architecture. Being built on Azure, Reganto is ready for any load.

You Own

Your Data

Reganto works with the basic premise of your data belonging to you. We use your data only to power your solution.


Backups 24x7

With complete backups of all your data at regular intervals, Reganto ensures that your service is always available.


Dedicated Nodes

Reganto has no fine prints. Our Blockchain technology allows you to be in total control of your data through your own dedicated node.