Platform Overview

By bringing together infrastructure, security and data services onto one extensible cloud platform, Reganto makes it possible for applications to focus on just the business logic and user interface. This delivers unparalleled security and automation to build the next generation solutions using Blockchain, machine learning and conversational user experience.

How it works

Platform Architecture

Built for the future

Reganto has the flexibility and breadth to be able to build blockchain and machine learning applications into the future through our extensive API integrations.


Built on

Cloud native

Reganto is built on Microsoft Azure and IBM Blockchain. Our robust architecture allows us to scale horizontally and vertically on demand.



Private, permission based blockchain allows you to securely communicate with Reganto over a dedicated channel from each client/tenant.



Reganto Platform provides a high throughput for both orchestrated workflow processes and choreographed workflow processes.​



Traditional workflow engines are configuration driven. Reganto workflows is driven by data – using an advanced pattern-matching algorithm.



The Reganto Platform’s natural language UI layer is built on Azure Cognitive Services and Google DialogueFlow.​

Driven By


We built the APIs first. Reganto Platform is accessible through a fully managed API gateway that allows minute control over access and usage.

Built on the Reganto Platform

Financial Wellbeing

Reganto offers an interactive solution that enables employees to access their historical pay data along with educational tools that help navigate complex financial decisions.


Reganto is a complete document management platform, which allows you to upload, generate, store and retrieve your documents from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Property Registration

Reganto is a complete property record management system that offers an innovative document verification platform using smart contracts to verify property deeds.