COVID 19 – Citizens

Citizens receive their vaccination passports within minutes of arriving at the hospital or clinics. Simply downloading the mobile app provides access to the certificate and whole a lot more information.

How it Works




Authorised certificates are stored on Blockchain eliminating the ability to create fraudulent verification passports.



Download the mobile app and activate your account using your NHS number. Your QR code is created in your dedicated mobile app that can be used at all venues and travel locations.


Manage family members

Reganto offers the ability to manage and help family members who need help to download their vaccination certificates stored securely on one mobile app within a family group.


COVID-19 Updates

Reganto allows citizens to receive updates directly from the Health Organisation or notifications on changes to the registration process.


User friendly screens

Citizens access a very simple mobile app providing access to the certificates within a few clicks. You can customise to your needs readily to use only areas you want to access.


Statistics and dashboard

Keep up to date with the Government’s Health data and statistics about the roll-out programs, vaccinated citizens to date, regional data and much more on the app.


You can now view/download your digital vaccine certificate from anywhere in the world at any time 24*7*365 instantaneously as proof of vaccination.

Every certificate issued on the Reganto platform is assigned a unique QR code which is secured by blockchain making your health data impregnable.

Authenticated vaccine certificate makes your travel easy with digital vaccination cards available on the go. These digital passports will document the health data of travellers with a record of vaccination and the results of their covid test.

Gain access to all the latest information, statistics and updates regarding vaccine strategy, distribution and more.
Reganto’s digital vaccine passport has been designed and developed to make it easier for citizens to view, store, retrieve, download and share their vaccine certificate instantaneously at the click of a button.
With Reganto, you can carry the vaccination certificates of your family members as well within the same mobile app, with the same login.
Hassle free verification around the globe directly from the source of origin. Next time, you need your vaccination certificates to be verified all you need is to open-up the Reganto app (or app provided by your governments that are powered by Reganto).