Financial Wellbeing – An Overview

Your employees are relying on you to show a better way to manage financial stress. A comprehensive ongoing financial education for your organisation is a powerful force for positive change.

Our Transformational Solutions
Digital Vault

Access to employees' historical pay data including payslips, P60s, pension statements, CTC statements, 401K statements and any other employee documents spanning over their entire career can be readily available.

Financial Wellbeing

We aim to provide a holistic financial education through informative videos, webinars and guides for all employees. Providing carefully curated advice and recommendations based on trusted employee documents.

what customers think

Reganto is a powerful tool and by far the most intuitive platform I have ever come across. The mobile app is a great innovation in the way it has transformed the manner our employees view their pay data. From amazing onboarding, through training, to support, the Reganto team has been extremely helpful.

Viv Pandey
GM, HHV Global

Through Reganto’s seamless integration with our Payroll product, we unlocked the real power of digital transformation. We have been delighted with the way Reganto has changed the way our employees see their data. It has far exceeded our expectations of a modern application for our workforce.

Ashwin Raiker
CEO, Nauvata Engineering

We saved on costs and efforts required to make our certificates fool-proof by implementing Reganto for our University. Our students are excited by the way they have ready access to their certificates and our administration team is enjoying the benefits of a fully-automated certificate management system.

Dr. Rupa Vasudevan
Vice Chancellor, BEST University