COVID-19 – Overview

Reganto for COVID-19 is a purpose-built vaccination passport for authorising Health Bodies and citizens who can access their digital certificate instantly showing their personal vaccination certificates as immutable proof of being vaccinated.

Our Transformational Solution
For Hospital & Clinics

Vaccination Centres, Hospitals & Clinics have access to our transformational blockchain platform to complete the registration process in record time with minimal to no error.

For Citizens

Following a step by step process citizens are vaccinated, a certificate of vaccination created instantaneously, and citizens are given their unique personalised QR codes to use Immediately.

Industry Focus

The IATA is developing an app called Travel Pass that would let users upload documentation that proves vaccination status. It also would let passengers check health entry requirements for countries they plan to visit and find COVID testing centres either before they leave on a trip or when why arrive.


IBM is developing a Digital Health Pass that would "enable organizations to verify health credentials for employees, customers and visitors entering their site based on criteria specified by the organization."


"Non-profit Commons Project has been trying out an app called Common Pass, which contains a passenger’s vaccination record.”