Benefits for Students

Mobile Ready

Reganto for Universities is mobile ready. Students can access their digital certificates generated by the university using this app. Features on the app are available based on their subscription purchase. Digital certificates with QR can be accessed and downloaded on their devices as well.

24/7 Access

Reganto will transform ownership of all students’ trusted certificates and CMMs.  Students can retrieve their certificates from anywhere in the world, on any device and will have access to their educational qualifications from multiple universities.

Smart paper

With traditional certificates being replaced by blockchain based e-certificates, supported by eco-friendly synthetic paper, access of student certificates and retrieval that is hacker-proof is revolutionised.

secure printing

The digital certificates generated can be sent to a secure location for printing the physical copies. When data is pushed/pumped into the system, Reganto for Universities generates them as per the customized template which can be downloaded as a pdf document either alone or all the certificates for which data has been processed.

certificate verification

Reganto provides easy certificate verification. Students can retrieve their certificates from anywhere in the world, on any device – which becomes a huge game changer not only for them, but for the institution as well.

Easy storage & Retrieval of certificates

Storing all certificates, even the back dated historical certificates can now be achieved reducing physical storage needs going forward by transferring them to Reganto. Students can access this data from their mobile or web app from anywhere in the world, anytime.