Benefits for Verifiers

Ease of verification

Ability to verify the certificates for prospective employers is made easy thorough Reganto. It is now possible to quickly verify the authenticity and ownership of the certificates issued on Blockchain with a single click, thereby reducing the verification timeline considerably. 

wide coverage

Potential employers or verification agencies do not have a direct access to certificate or document data in a trusted manner. Manual intervention during the verification process leading to slippage or to error-prone results. Reganto allows access to prospective employers to be able to check extensive database with a list of candidates from various nationalities and universities. 

digital certificates

Identity based search and tamper-free digital certificates for prospect certificate verification. Employers can now reduce time significantly to make unconditional offers to much sought after candidates.

cost saving

Save costs for organization or verification agencies in monetary terms and turn around time for verification by making  the process extremely quick and efficient.

fraud prevention

Reganto is built on a private Blockchain based channel and storage facility. With the help of Reganto, employers can avoid and prevent fraud through fake certificates by having real-time access to Blockchain based verification technology.

time saving

Reganto provides real-time authentication, verification and validation of student certificates thereby reducing the on-boarding time for potential employers.