How it Works – Financial Education

How it works

A happy, healthy workforce is a key component of any successful organisation. That’s why employers are working hard to create a diverse range of wellbeing programmes to support their employees.

Employers are increasingly recognising that the financial stability of their employees impacts an organisation. When an employee displays worrying signs of emotional or physical stress, such as exhaustion, absenteeism or anxiety, health or personal problems aren’t always the root case – it can be personal financial issues. Today in the UK, 70% of the working population is “chronically broke” and 32% of people have less than £100 in savings, according to research by think tank, the Royal Society of Arts. These figures demonstrate how crucial it is for employers to provide financial wellbeing as part of their overall wellbeing package.

Employees are actively looking for this kind of support with surveys showing that it’s considered a must-have when looking at potential employers. So, if employees don’t receive this kind of information at work, where do they look for financial guidance? They turn to a range of sources, including comparison websites, friends and family and the media. However, when asked about trust and financial matters in the workplace, 53% of employees felt that their employer cared about them and their wellbeing, and 77% trusted their employer to keep their personal financial situation private from their colleagues and managers.

Money worries are not simply left at the office door. It is important that businesses realise that employee financial wellbeing is interwoven with their business performance, and therefore recognise the need to give employees the help they need to improve the state of their finances. About 13% of employers identify poor financial wellbeing as the biggest single cause of employee stress, and employers that fail to give employees the required support are undermining their broader business strategy.

Comprehensive, ongoing financial education is a powerful force for positive change.

Solutions Overview​

Reganto offers a range of educational tools and resources to help make money management easy. The whole system is underpinned by a secure private blockchain network, so they can stay informed anytime, anywhere.

Our ground-breaking platform is a game changer. For HR and the workplace, it establishes trust with data both for organisations and their employees. It helps you to take care of your most valuable asset – your employees – in a comprehensive and intuitive way. It doesn’t just provide them with access to their pay data, it changes what financial wellbeing could mean to them.

How it Works​

Many employees struggle to understand basic financial and investment issues and often fail to realise the various benefits on offer in the workplace. Our partners provide comprehensive financial education programmes that can aid understanding around this and can help your employees make well-informed decisions throughout their career – ultimately resulting in a more confident and financially empowered workforce.

Our partners will recommend products based on individual’s needs. Equipped with expertise knowledge at the highest professional standard, employees will choose their own financial products with confidence.

If you’re unsure what financial wellbeing products would be beneficial to your employees, we can tailor an online survey made specifically for your organisation to help you understand the needs of your employees.